Tracks offers a comprehensive cost effective research and investigation service for pressure groups and charities working in the conservation, environmental and animal protection sectors.

With over 400 investigative assignments successfully delivered to NGO’s, Tracks are world leaders when it comes to gathering crucial film evidence to support campaign objectives calling for lasting change for the benefit of animals and the environment.

Over the last 21 years, evidence that Tracks has gathered has resulted in pressure groups managing to stop trade in some endangered species, close down ‘abusive’ animal markets, alter farming practices, halt the national export of animals, change government and EU policy and successfully prosecute many organisations and individuals.

Whilst you may not heard of Tracks - as we are a small organisation that does not spend a penny, cent or dime on marketing, advertising or fundraising - you may well have heard of the groundbreaking investigations that we have done that have allowed NGO’s to obtain instant campaign successes as well as raise their own profile in national and international media.

Our investigative services include:

Full project management of investigative campaigns undertaking initial research, field investigations, written reports and edited video

Investigative journalists for undercover assignments

Specialist covert equipment service


Investigations - the eco spooks

What they say about Tracks

“Tracks stand out for the considerable integrity, dedication and professionalism they have brought to investigations they have carried out for Eurogroup for Animals. We would recommend Tracks to any animal protection organisation looking to undertake vital investigative projects”

“What a necessary service you provide... I would like to very much thank you on behalf of Jordan and all its nature for all the awfully hard but most effective work that you did”

“Tracks Investigations have big spades! They dig like no other to bring the dark secrets of factory farming to the surface. Their careful planning, attention to detail, meeting of timelines and delivery of hard hitting footage makes them a leader in undertaking challenging investigative projects for NGO’s seeking evidence to back up their campaign calls”

Head of Investigations - Compassion in World Farming